Air Fryer Chicken Wings

I broke down a few weeks ago and picked up the air fryer at Costco. It was only $49.99. Since I don’t have to justify the expense to anyone besides myself, I’m fine with it.

My biggest hangup all this time to purchase an actual air fryer, quite honestly, was the valuable countertop space it would take up. Like seriously, some of these are the size of a microwave which I already have one sitting on my counter that I don’t use very often.

It’s larger than the Mr. Coffee. But a little smaller than the microwave. In the beginning, I would let it cool off clean it up and then put it on the floor of the pantry. But then I started using it more often to heat up things such as leftover pizza (again, another Costco buy … Motor City Pizza Co – Detroit style deep dish), leftover burgers, left over fries and so on. Now it has a permanent space in the counter.

Ok ok, back these delicious wings. For years, and I mean YEARS, I wouldn’t go near wings. No thank you. Now? I could almost eat them daily. And I think these might be an ok diet food (grain, dairy free, no carb etc.) so I may need to stock up on wings!

Let’s also have a small discussion about wings, ok? I used to buy the big bag of frozen wings from Costco. Not sure what has happened with those wings But they are gigantic and, in my opinion, too meaty to be called “wings and flats”chicken thighs and chicken legs. Not at all like the little two or three bite wings that we are used to seeing. This last time I bought the six pack, fresh party wings that are already cut/separated. Highly recommend going that route!

Let’s get cooking!

12 or so wings … depending on appetite and who is eating

1 tbs oil (I use avocado but olive or veggie will work too)

1 tsp garlic powder

1 tsp onion powder

1 tsp paprika

1 tsp salt

1/2 tsp fresh ground black pepper

Cook for 10 minutes, shake your basket, or flip each individually and cook 8 more minutes.

Serve up on a platter. Go big and toss some celery and carrot sticks with ranch on the platter. Snag a wing for yourself and call in your gang to give a try.

Try to contain your excitement. In the old days I would be calling out to Mark … oh I think you are really going to like this (now, I get a little weepy and say I wish you were here as you would love this honey).

Go ahead, grab your grocery list and add wings and paprika to that list so you can do this again soon!

I made a small caprese salad this particular night because I had everything on hand to do so (with a blackberry – No. 3 – White Claw) … beautiful patio dinner for one 😉


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