Bite Size Potato Skins

Ok, ok, I know that the holiday season is OVER and most of you (myself included!) are trying to eat “healthier” … hence, that is why I’ve been sharing some Whole30/Paleo recipes lately


These are really GOOD and they aren’t fried … and well, they are a vegetable so why not? Besides … it’s FRIDAY!  Oh and yeah, I bought a 15 pound bag of potatoes at Costco last weekend …

Bite Size Potato Skins

Hello little bites of yumminess!!

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Winter Blend Veggies

Looking for a quick, healthy side? This is it!

I try to eat veggies at all three meals. Generally, breakfast would consist of green beans, eggs and bacon or chicken apple sausage. That started back when I did my first Whole30 eons ago … and it was a habit that just stayed with me.

breakfast boxes meal prep eggs bacon green beans

Now that it’s winter time though, green beans are not really in season and quite honestly, frozen green beans cook up too mushy for my taste. I prefer they have some crunch still.

So lately, I’ve been grabbing frozen veggies from Aldi and Walmart …

aldi winter blend.jpg
$1.09 at Aldi

$5.88 each Walmart

Walmart also carries a mix of broccoli, cauliflower and carrots for $5.88 … and these are large bags. Hubby is not a fan of the carrots and I never was either until recently …

Anyways. Some people think I’m weird because I eat these veggies at breakfast. But I know that is my BEST time to get veggies into my day! And I have a super easy way for you to make these in the morning without a whole lot of fuss, promise!

Grab yourself a skillet.

Trader Joe’s Ghee $3.99 and Kelapo is around $8.99 (look in the oil and vinegar section)

Turn that heat to medium and add some ghee, avocado oil or what not. Not a lot, just a little bit to coat the bottom of pan. Personally, I use ghee as I think ghee is made for sauteing veggies!

Add the veggies, season with a little salt/pepper/garlic powder/onion powder mixture.

4 seasons.jpg

Add a touch of water and put a lid on it. Keep the veggies over medium heat and check on them in about 5 minutes or so, giving a quick stir.

Once they are heated through and softened to your liking, go ahead and dish them up! I like mine firm but hubby likes his mushy so we have to split them up a little!

*If you’d like a little char to them, take the lid off and crank the heat to HIGH and let them cook for a minute or so, tossing them after the first minute. Keep an eye on them as they will overcook if you aren’t careful!


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UnRolled Egg Roll

For years, and I do mean YEARS, I would turn my nose up at egg rolls … I mean, seriously, it was a fried, greasy “thing” filled with icky cabbage, carrots and protein. Oh, wait … are there eggs in there?? I honestly don’t know but I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve taken a bite and just said NO THANK YOU.

Egg Roll in a Bowl
Egg Roll in a Bowl

Crazy, I know!

I was just never a fan of them … they were overly fried, borderline cold and again, that icky cooked cabbage stuff ::shudder::

Then along came Whole30 a few years ago … and I discovered a ‘few’ things that I might like after all! Imagine that!

coleslaw celery walmart.jpg

Yup. I can tolerate cooked cabbage so long as it’s  not a wimpy, hot mess! Hence, this dish was perfect!

Yes, I have tried to do a Whole30 several times. And failed each time. Just not my thing. You know, things happen, the random beer appears, etc. See, it’s the booze that always gets ME off track. And I have not excuse other than, it’s just the way it is.

Egg Roll Bowl lets eat.jpg

But this dish? It sticked around even after those numerous failures of a full 30 days of clean eats. Because it’s really yummy! And even Mark likes it 😉

1 bag of tri-color slaw (cabbage,carrots, red cabbage mix) *don’t use the angel hair mix!

1/4 onion, diced

smashed clove of garlic

1 tbs avocado oil (coconut oil or olive oil is fine)

1/3 cup Coconut Aminos OR Coconut Aminos Garlic Sauce*

1 tbs sesame oil

cooked protein of choice. I’ve used shrimp, chicken and pork, all are yummy! YOu can skip the protein if you want

2 green onions, sliced thin

*if you are not opposed to soy, then by all means, use soy sauce … just know that I’m on the train that says soy is bad*

Heat the oil in large skillet over medium heat. Take my advice and use a larger skillet than you think you need. Toss in your cabbage mixture with onion and garlic and saute til soft.

coconut aminos garlic sauce.jpg

Add coconut aminos and sesame oil and saute a little longer to absorb some of the liquid. TIP: measure all in a measuring glass and be ready to just dump and go!

Add your protein of choice (if using ) and garnish with green onions and eat up!

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Oven Roasted Chili Lime Corn

I don’t eat a lot of corn these days with that grain issue I try to avoid, BUT on Memorial Day weekend, I grabbed some at the store and made this … it was SPOT ON!

So easy to make and honestly, I don’t see myself making it any other way for quite a while! This is the way to go!

Oven Roasted Chili Lime Corn

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Simple Side Grillin’ Dish

Every time I do this, I kick myself for forgetting how good it is.

And then, every time someone ask how it’s done, I kick myself for forgetting how EASY it is.

Yeah. Really.


Onions and Peppers …

Grilled in the grill pan. On the gas grill (although, I’m certain the charcoal grill would be awesome too!)

Cut your onion in half (root end to top) and then cut in thicker chunks. Toss in to a large bowl.

Deconstruct your peppers: push the stem down and pull out, shake out the seeds and cut in half (bottom to top) and again, cut in to thick chunks. Toss these in with the onions.

*Optional, if you like, you can add chunks of squash as well, which is what I’ve done here, but 90% of the time it’s just onions and peppers in my household!*

Grab some olive oil and add a bit to the bowl. No measuring allowed on this recipe. You don’t want them swimming in oil, but lightly coated.

Take some salt, pepper, and any other kind of seasoning that makes you happy and sprinkle over the veggies. I use my boirsion stuff which is a coarse ground seasoning mix, or a blend of salt, pepper, garlic powder and onion powder.

Let the bowl sit there on the counter. Stop by and say hi to the veggies as you do your thing in the kitchen.

When ready to cook, get a grill pan (you know the ones, open holes or grates?) and toss it on the grill to get hot and then toss the veggies in the pan. Leave them alone for a little bit and then go mix them up some … you want them to get a little ‘dark’ around the edges, but as I always tell Hubby, fine line between COLOR and BURNING so keep an eye on them once they start to get a little color.

Once the color is to your liking and ready, go ahead and remove them from the fire and serve. Yummy.

NOTES: I use whatever type of onions I have on hand. As for the peppers, I almost always have the sweet mini peppers from Costco so I just cut them in half and toss in. Of course, IF I have regular peppers, that’s what I use.

Also, I started using my Fire Wire Skewers to do this as well, however, the threading the pieces on is a little more time consuming … you can check that method out here.

There you have it, an easy make ahead side dish that can easily be reheated in a skillet while your protein is cooking, or it can used for a quick stirfry, or added to an omelet and so on!

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