Just Like Olive Garden Salad

Stay home tonight and make yourself a salad just like Olive Garden!


It’s been a LONG time since I’ve been inside an Olive Garden restaurant … the unlimited salad and breadsticks used to always get me … I am a sucker for warm, soft bread, you know? Oh, and I just love that salad too … the dressing, luckily, is easy to replicate, as is the salad itself.


Quick! Does anyone else have these really cool metal bowls from, probably the mid 1960’s early 1970’s? My mother in law had a ton and when she passed away, I snagged a few to bring home … my all time favorite salad bowls!

The other good news about this salad? Saving you moola … as in a minimum of $20 … like I said, been a LONG time since I’ve been to Olive Garden but I do remember that a dinner entree was at least $12.99 and that was a few years ago … so figure two people, easily $25 AND then most likely, a beverage (or two) and there you have it … el cheapo night out got a little more expensive …

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Meal Prep – Breakfast Bowls

Did you see the Breakfast Bistro Boxes I finally shared a while ago? I can’t believe I didn’t get it up sooner! FYI … this is from the “other” site that I’m slowly moving over here!

Well, then I made myself a Breakfast Bowl that really was really yummy!

And I shared pics on Instagram and such but never got around to sharing with YOU!

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DIY Foaming Dish Soap

If you enjoy cooking, it seems all you do is chop, cook, clean and repeat. Seven days a week. 52 weeks of the year.

Toss in a Whole30 and well, you certainly will do this and then some. 30 days straight … you know, cook, eat, wash and repeat for 30 days straight. No break in the middle for a dinner out or pizza delivery.

30 days straight. Non Stop.  Look how long ago that was shared on Instagram? Still the same TODAY!  (Psst…isn’t it time for you to follow me!?)

I LOVE Dawn dish soap. I’ve made it no secret that there are certain things that I’m brand loyal … such as Dawn, Tide, etc.  I can’t help it … and NO, Dawn has NO idea who I am … it’s just what I prefer!

So … when I was able to pick up one of these Dawn Direct Foam bottles a year ago with a great sale and coupon, I was so excited. It’s perfect for a quick clean up on something that’s not so messy and it keeps the sink fairly empty on a low volume cooking day …

Dawn Direct Foam

I even bought the refill bottle which is basically almost 2 refills worth … but that was pretty expensive.

And then, that ran out. Oh sad day!

But guess what?? You can do this yourself and I can’t believe I didn’t look into that before!!

Ready to hear how easy it is??

Mix half water and half soap, place in bottle, put the pump top on and shake it up and ta da!

DIY Foaming Dish Soap

Ok, so here’s a few tips for you:

If the pump seems to be clogged, you most likely used too much soap, just dump a little out (into a jar, you can save it for the next time!!) and add a little more water. You will know as it will be more soapy then foamy.

If the suds seem to thin and water, you added to much water, so again, dump a little out and add a little more soap.

I have not tried this with hand soap, but can’t see why it wouldn’t work too? I personally do NOT like body wash, prefer a bar and washcloth, but wish I had a pump bottle to try the hand soap for the sink …

Also, I’ve not tried any other dish soap except dawn to do this with. I would imagine, again, that it would be just fine.

Got a Frugal Hack to share? Let me know and I’ll give it a shot!

Looking forward to sharing with some of these GREAT Parties … go check them out!

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