Let’s Party #50

Hey hey hey who is ready to Party?!

I had the kids and Baby N this weekend … which was GREAT! Matt’s youngest brother was getting married so I go to go along to Miami to act as a babysitter đŸ˜‰ We had a blast. Unfortunately, on our way home, we had an accident but everyone is fine and we made it back to the tiny condo in one piece. LONG day to end what would have been a perfect weekend. This off duty (just got off shift) Customs Police officer saw it all happen (the car that hit us took off) and pulled over and stayed with us the whole time (an hour) … and guess what? 30 days without pay. No matter which side of the fence/wall you are on, these folks put their lives on the line and should be paid.

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Let’s Party!


Let’s Party #49!

Hey hey hey, who’s ready to PARTY?!

Meal Prep – Balsamic Beef and sauteed green beans!

Mark is in Indiana this week and returns Sunday night. Last week’s infusion went according to plan with the same side effects as expected Friday and Saturday … he said he’s been really tired but it could just be from doing all the family stuff and such, hopefully.

Me? Working. Organizing the kitchen. This Friday and Saturday will be in Miami with baby Nolan and Randi & Matt … then Sunday back here and Mark comes home that night.

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Let’s Party!

Let’s Party #48!

Hey hey,  who wants to party??!!

blt final to eat

Mark goes in for his infusion today and well, we are nervous as he travels on Wednesday morning to the Midwest for 10 days or so … we already know that Thursday and Friday will be “fun” … he comes home and then we head to MD Anderson on the 31st for the quarterly CT Scans and testing. Honestly, we are supposed to be going every eight weeks but it just doesn’t work out that way. And then the *oh s*it* kicks in … this is his life we are talking about and how dare we left ordinary every day life interrupt what we should be doing for his health? Well, quite honestly, it’s almost the equivalent of flipping the bird to this cancer. Sad, but true. Such petty, sophomoric attitudes we have.

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Let’s Party!

Let’s Party #46

Hey! Are you all ready for the last party of 2018??


burgers beans broccoli cauliflower rice
A sign of things to come in 2019

I can’t believe the year is almost over. I’m glad … only because SO many things have happened: Marks diagnosis, we sold the house, we bought the condo, we moved not once but TWO times, we got rid of SO many personal belongings (of which I’m still struggling with some) and so on … thankfully Nolan showed up late 2017!

Mark has his 3rd dose of Taxol on Wednesday and then we host Nolan’s first birthday on Saturday … here’s hoping the stuff doesn’t kick his butt again by day 3 (which is SATURDAY) … this stuff is definitely making it’s side effects known.

Thank you to everyone who came by last week and this week to share your awesome project and great ideas! I still feel the need to pick up some needles and yarn and get crafty! đŸ˜‰

What do you say? LET’S PARTY!

Let’s Party #45

Hey hey, who is ready to Party!!??

incanto prosecco trader joes large bottle 12.99.jpg

Oh my gosh … Christmas is in ONE week! Are you ready?? I’ll be honest, we are keeping it VERY low profile … between the move and clearing out the old house, the condo project, the delay in furniture delivery and of course, the chemo treatments … we are just not going to add any more stress to the day …

Randi, Matt and Baby Nolan will be coming over on Friday and I believe head back on Monday (not 100% sure on the departure date) so we will have a mini Christmas get together over the weekend … I don’t have a whole lot of gifts to give but do have a gigantic deer from Cracker Barrel for Nolan … and the kids will just get cash to splurge on something for themselves …

Update on Mark and Taxol treatments … they suck. They make him nauseated, to the point where he is taking his pukey pills consistently … they also cause gastronal issues (ahem) and he feels like he is constantly fighting the flu … feels like he “fell down a flight of stairs” …

With that … we really should get on to the Party! Thank you to all who stopped in last week and shared!

Let’s Party!

Let’s Party #44

Hey hey, who’s ready for a Party?

The move is underway! We started on Thursday with the movers bringing all the boxes from the BIG storage unit. We left the bedroom set, office desk and chair and my awesome favorite console table. Those will be donated to Faith Farm if I can ever get them to schedule a pickup.

We still have the smaller unit which Jamie moved most of his stuff out last weekend to his new place.

I feel like I climbed a thousand flights of stairs and picked up a million pounds of stuff. But things are getting put away slowly. We still have to finalize our inspections which is a little bothersome in that my stuff keeps getting moved out again to the main living room floor. We don’t have a refrigerator (original one was damaged and now there’s a whole new issue) but we have a cooler with ice and can I just tell you how I’m looking forward to a home cooked meal! Not soon enough!

We had TWO links last week … one of which was mine. I missed my timing and look what happens! But the good news is my Chicken Piccata was shared to numerous sites and has been a favorite so thank you!

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Let’s Party #43!

Hey! Are you ready for another Party?? I am!

Mark had his first treatment of Taxol … not sure yet how he really felt afterwards as it was a crazy busy week with the condo project … he was tired and up early every morning and gone til at least 7pm 3 of the 5 nights …

This week brings a LOT of new excitement: appliances and bedroom furniture items are being delivered … movers are bringing our warehouse boxes in to the condo … I hope to be sleeping in our new place come this weekend! Fingers crossed! So far, we’ve had a few snags: refrigerator damaged so that will be delivered on Friday, microwave sticks out way further than normal so that corner cabinet door needs re-worked to be able to open all the way and so on …

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Let’s Party!

Let’s Party #42!

Hi! Are you ready to Party?!

I’ve missed the last few parties. it’s just been a little crazy busy … but never too busy to take a quick picture of the office puppy!

Mark will go in this morning to start a new regime of chemo for the esophageal cancer. He hasn’t had anything for a month and can certainly tell … feels like the Tumor is growing with the additional discomfort he’s been feeling. Being that this type of cancer grows super fast, we are both anxious for him to get going again.

This treatment is Taxol which I’ve read good things about. They put him on a heavy dose of blood pressure medicine as one of the main side effects is an increase in blood pressure. Being that Mark has borderline high blood pressure, it is a concern. Not sure if I liked the oncologist remark that a heart attack is better than the cancer. Felt that was a little inappropriate but I suppose he was merely stating a fact.

In other news … we are SO close to being done with the condo! Furniture ordered and on back order for 2 of the 3 rooms we bought so far…luckily the master bedroom stuff is in stock! I’m getting excited as I’m over the temporary housing thing!

Ok … there you have it in a nutshell … Let’s Party!

Let’s Party #41!

Are you ready to party?

We had our 4th trip to Houston last week.

A very stressful visit. Good news: the cancer has not spread! The bad news: all the tumors have grown. That just means the current treatment (those pills) are not super effective so now we will try option #3 … that new chemo med is called Irinotecan which only has a 28% success rate. Let’s see if Mark can beat the odds.

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Let’s Party!