Watermelon Lime Cocktails

It’s been a long time and I am ready to get back in the groove of things!

We went from one hotspot (south Florida) to another (Houston) this past week. We landed at 5pm on Wednesday and sitting in the #tinycondo by 7pm on Friday. In and out of MD Anderson. Blood work, scans, trial board and lead oncologist all done. I’ll share the results with another post!

So. It’s summertime. And this is like no other summer …. 2020 will go down in the history books for so many reasons! One of those is the amount of watermelons we’ve been using around the #tinycondo! Mark likes to eat it during g the week of chemo and I think it’s a good, easily digestible food for him so I’ve been buying a whole watermelon every 2 weeks. *check out the easiest way to deconstruct a watermelon!*

Sometimes we have leftovers that are getting a little too ripe and those get frozen. This time, however, I processed it a little to make this yummy drink!

Ready? Let’s do it!

2 cups of watermelon, cubed

1 Tbshoney

1 oz fresh lime juice (one lime)

3/4 simple syrup – mix 3/4 cup water and 3/4 cup sugar in saucepan, heat til sugar dissolves and chill

4 oz vodka

2 oz fresh lime juice (2 limes)

12 mint leaves, torn up

Watermelon sparkling water OR boring club soda

Add watermelon, honey and 1 oz lime juice to blender and run til smooth. Toss this mixture in some ice cube trays and freeze at least 2 hours

To make the yummy cocktails, mix vodka, 2 oz lime juice, mint leaves and 2 oz of simple syrup in container filled with ice. Top with sparkling water or club soda. Stir

Grab 2 highball glasses (tall, narrow) and add 3 to 4 cubes of watermelon in each and pour cocktail mixture over the top. These are best if you let them sit for 5 minutes to let the cubes melt a bit. Add a a straw and sprig of mint if desired, make a toast to summer and enjoy!

As always, remember to drink responsibly. Since we are semi locked down and no longer allowed to have house parties, I can drink as many of these as I’d like 😉

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Homebrewed Ice Tea


Kind of a strange word, in my opinion.

Regardless, it IS homebrewed tea.

Easy to make ice tea

See, Mark LOVES ice tea … you know, Arnold Palmer and Pure Leaf and all those others that you can buy pre-made. Which we always did buy them, beats buying soda and such,  right?

But then the cancer stuff came around and well, he just needs to be a little more aware of what he’s eating and making sure he drinks PLENTY of fluids …

No problem, you say? It is! This chemo stuff has given him this nasty metallic taste in his mouth. *FYI – lemon flavored stuff seems to help offset that taste*

And then we just have to deal with one of the side effects of this chemo and that is the feeling of something in the back of his throat that makes him want to gag for those 10 to 12 days whenever he swallows something.

Cold foods and drinks are pretty much a no go from the first day of infusion (Tuesday) to about 10 days later (so he has, maybe, 3 to 4 days where he can tolerate ‘cool’ foods and drinks) as if feels like glass shards and electrical currents (eek!)

I just decided to start making him a batch of tea every morning. And dang, it’s so easy!

Lipton tea bags

Not to mention, we are saving a few dollars a day doing this! Those Pure Leaf teas that he loves? They were $5.99 a bottle and he used to drink one a day … which, again, was fine as he needs to stay hydrated. THIS way is much better!

Pure Leaf Tea

All you need is:

4 cups boiling water (I don’t have a tea kettle so I just heat the water in a sauce pan)

2 regular size tea bags

2 tsp sugar (I use real sugar)

4 cups of cold water (I toss in 1 or 2 ice cubes as well to cool it down fast)

Just pour the boiling water over the 2 tea bags and add your sugar.  Let the bags steep for about 5 to 10 minutes. Pull the bags out and toss them. Sorry, resist the urge to squeeze all the liquid out, just toss them!

Add your 4 cups of cold water and give a quick stir. I have to let the tea sit out all day on the counter and since my glass pitcher doesn’t have a lid, I just put a piece of press n seal over the top.

ice tea

Mark keeps telling me how good the tea is. Kind of makes me laugh because dang, it’s so simple to make!

Ok, quick survey: Iced Tea or Ice Tea? Which is the proper wording??

Looking forward to sharing with some of these GREAT Parties … go check them out!

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 Jan and Mark Lipinski are participants in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com.