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HI! For those of you still popping in and knocking on the door, we are still here. No need to peek through the windows!

It’s just life has taken a few twisty turns lately ….

Hubby skipped out on MD Anderson this last scan and had it done locally at the local hospital where he gets his infusions. We never “did” receive the full results as he hopped in the Charger the following day and drove BY HIMSELF to NW Indiana … took him 3 days due to being overly tired from the chemo but he enjoyed the drive. It makes me sad in that it is probably the last road trip he will make in that car, his dream car AND he made it by himself …

We closed on a cool little house with three acres of land, a creek and 3 car garage in NW Indiana.

We are starting a renovation project on the subject house … with a budget. A very tight budget, I might add. The replacement sliding glass doors are already hitting us HARD as we wanted to go with triple pane glass AND the blinds encased inside! Eek!

However, we did take a friends advice and listed the kitchen countertops and cabinets on Facebook Marketplace …. sold within 2 hours of listing for $700 (asking price) and they remove. Sweet!

I am currently up here now helping to make decisions on what to do AND to see my hubby since he’s been gone for 4 weeks! I’ve been flying solo at the #tinycondo and working like a crazy lady … still working remotely here in NWI when needed.

This is actually a little test as far as the work goes … I still “need” to work and bring income in for the time being as floating two households is NOT cheap by any means. It’s nice to NOT have any mortgages, that I will say, but still, you have monthly expenses regardless and with no other income besides mine (and Hubby’s disability which does NOT even cover the insurance payment), I continue to plug away.

So. A few of you have sent me emails inquiring on Hubby. He’s doing ok but tired of doing chemo every 2 weeks but as long as it appears to be working, fine, he’ll continue until he just can’t handle it anymore.

Still takes his blood thinner shots daily although he makes his own decisions when to take a break from them. Such as when he hit the back of his “good” hand and bled for quite a while … he opted to stop for a few days. He’s been prone to nosebleeds as well and will stop taking the shots when those come up frequently as well. I am not sure but pretty certain that he only takes one shot a day instead of two. I have decided to let HIM make the decision of what he feels is right at this point.

Buying the house was a bucket list item for Mark and he really needed a project to keep his mind busy. Yes, it’s a fairly expensive project but we will reap the benefits at the end of the day. Sometime, in the future, we will most likely sell the condo in Florida and move to Indiana permanently. That’s a few years down the road though, God willing.

It feels good to be back “home” as this is where we grew up and started our relationship all those years ago … I ask myself is this means we are coming full circle …

Thanks for stopping by … I do need to try and give a little more time here 😉

Looking forward to sharing with some of these GREAT Parties … go check them out!

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Let’s Party #64!

Hey, who’s ready to Party??


All time favorite summertime beer!

Thank you for coming by again to play! I’m hoping everyone has been having a good start to summer. The school kids here have been out for 2 weeks now … and it’s rained about 90% of the time … over the rain. Over the heat. But I’ll take that over what some of you all are experiencing!

Mark came home late Friday night … good to have him home again! The next time he goes up will be driving with his brother to relocate the warehouse stuff to the new house in Indiana. I don’t believe we will be moving up there right away (I still work!) but I bet it’s sooner than the 2 years we originally said. He’s doing good, although he stopped his blood thinner shots for about 3 days as he was suffering from major nose bleeds … ENT doctor appointment is being scheduled this week.

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Let’s Party #63!

Hey, hey, hey, who’s ready to Party??


Honey Garlic Chicken in the Instant Pot!

Mark will receive his infusion today up in NW Indiana … he’s finally coming home on Friday! At 8pm … which is fine … I’ll just work a little later than normal for a Friday and maybe go get a car wash … he’s exhausted and said he’s ready to re-group. I think that means “rest”.

We had some great shares last week! I can’t wait to see what you have for me today so link away! Remember to visit your fellow party-goers, mix and mingle and make some new friends!

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Let’s Party #62!


It’s been a little while, hasn’t it?

Life has been so busy and moving so fast. Mark has been in NWI for the last 3 weeks dealing with family, rentals and inspections on the new house. We are scheduled to close July 12, plenty of time for anxiety to kick in!

He will have 2 infusions while there. I think this was a test to see how it goes. So far it’s good. Still doing the shots in the stomach twice a day. Had to kick and scream to get the brand he had the first 6 dosages: better quality plunger and set up all around. He was glad when day 31 came around to use the new needles!

So! I know a lot of you have been stopping in to check on things and I do appreciate it! And today, I’m ready to PARTY!

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Let’s Party #61

Hey hey hey, who’s ready to Party??

We did your trip to Houston, got the scans done and met with the doctor. Blood clot in the lungs so now 2 injections a day for 6 months, possibly the balance of his life. Additional lymph nodes are larger. Local oncologist has ordered a brain scan. Lots of fun stuff going on in that body of Marks.

In other news … my birthday is coming up on Cinco de Mayo … I had booked the Hilton on the beach a few months ago for the Air and Sea Show. Let’s hope it doesn’t rain.

I’m trying to keep it together around here as all this stuff is just a BIG SURPRISE as Mark was quite confident he was doing good … #cancersucks

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Let’s Party #60!

South Florida water and palm trees
Life in Paradise

This was our view on Easter Sunday. Mark has been feeling crummy after his last treatment. We head to MD Anderson on Thursday and Friday this week. Thoughts and prayers are appreciated!

I’ve slacked off a bit and apologize, just life in general has been getting in the way! We are finally settling in to the condo, traveled to NW Indiana to look at a house and all the while still working full plus time!

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Let’s Party #59!

Hey hey hey! Who’s ready to Party?!

Mark’s out of town still.

I hit up Costco … took Jamie and Hailey with me … Hailey had never been inside a Costco before. Thought hmm, maybe I should take her on the weekend instead of a Thursday night. Nah, Jamie didn’t want to overwhelm her so off we went. I was glad to see these sausages again as I had thought they were discontinuing them. Apparently not! I did kind of blow my budget there but we got LOTS of yummy food to eat for the next month!

Mark met with the local infusion center up in NWI … local onocologist told him he would support it as needed if they would agree there. They did so now that changes things a little bit … he has a house he’s looking at and I might fly up Friday for the weekend to look at it. We aren’t going to move there full time but go back and forth … eventually …

So. Enough of that! Who is ready to party?? Oh! Anyone have any issues with last week’s party? It’s a new setup, and well, you all know I don’t like things that change on me 😉

Ok. Let’s Party!!

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Let’s Party #58!

Hey hey hey! Who’s ready to Party??

The weather has been awesome here the past few days … a lot of time has been spent at the community pool (this pic is from the old house which I miss the POOL more than anything right now!) The complex does have a nice pool, just a lot of people AND little kids … 😉

Mark has infusion today … then he flies off to Indiana at the crack of dawn tomorrow. All in all, he’s good. Just really tired and the nausea hits him unexpectedly. We used to be able to time his off days. Now we can’t. That stinks

I’m ready to Party! And cook! And go to Costco! All those fun things are coming up in the next 10 days … let’s see if I can share some new recipes too!

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Let’s Party #57!

Hey hey hey, who’s ready to Party??

Did you all miss me the past few weeks? It’s been busy and then I was sick with this awful cold … luckily, Mark has NOT come down with it yet …

Picked this up at Whole Foods the other day because we all need some calmness and joy in our lives!

We have family coming in town at the end of the week. Just for a day, which is fine as I’m slammed at work and well, not so sure I can blast out early on Friday …

In the meantime, I’m on the road to recovery, about 90% there so let’s just get this party started shall we?

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Let’s Party #56!

It’s that time of the week again! Let’s Party!

Hey hey hey! Who’s ready to Party??

Paleo Whole30 Chicken Lettuce Cups
Paleo Whole30 Chicken Lettuce Cups

We missed last weeks party. Kids weee in town, hubby had chemo and things were just all over the place.

But today?

We are ready to PARTY! I am and I can’t wait to make this Chicken Lettuce Cups again! They were awesome!

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