May Days

Hi everyone … it’s been a while, hasn’t it?

I hope you all are plugging through the shutdowns and self imposed isolation/quarantines which are starting to ease up a little bit here and there. Not in Broward County, currently, but soon.

So … updates?

  1.  My father passed away at 3:01am May 8th, 2020.  The energizer bunny’s battery finally died. He just stopped eating a few weeks ago and deteriorated from there. 86 1/2 years old. It’s just sad that it happened while the nursing homes were in lockdown. Because he was considered crisis care, they made an exception and let me in to see him Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday I left the office too late and they said no.
  2. Mark’s experience with the immunotherapy allowed his cancer to spread to his pelvic bone. That really stinks as we had such high hopes for that treatment. Our MD Anderson follow up and meeting with the trial board on April 30th was postponed until Mid-July, thanks to the virus.  He will have a local PET scan on May 18th and hopefully it has not travelled anywhere else with the current treatment (which sucks by the way, every other Monday followed by 2 days of the pump and a week of feeling crummy.  The local oncologist is also trying to see if we can get in to Moffett in Tampa but I have a feeling, thanks to the virus, they are not taking anyone right now either.
  3. I am still working, and thankful the bosses listened to me and applied for the PPP program (Paycheck Protection Program) and received so our payroll is good for 2 months. We are actually still busy but not closing many transactions. Lots of refinance applications are in the process from April but not firm commitments on anything closing yet. Even my hard money people are quiet which we find odd. I’m confident things will bounce back, just going to be awhile, in my opinion. Working from home and going to the office a few times a week. This is hopefully a good lead in to the Indiana move.
  4. We did something that a lot of folks would say was wrong: we cashed out all our mutual funds to cash. Only because Hubby’s earning years are over and well, we’ve lost over 40% already this year so it wasn’t a real hard decision to make. Hopefully we can be quick when it’s time to reinvest and make some money again but at least, for now, it’s safe, even if it’s stagnent.
  5. The house in Indiana is about 95% complete. I am ready to make the move. That means I’m ready to sell the #tinycondo although I don’t think this is the time. The good news is that our complex is in pretty good demand and they sell rather quickly BUT we are probably over-improved and would like a little more money for it but we’ll see. Hubby had flew the coop and went there beginning of April for the month. Considering the we were in a hotspot for the virus, I wasn’t too upset … there he can go for days without close contact with people. Here, going out our front door is a risk! He flew home on Sunday night and we were to fly out to Houston then but that all got changed up. Good news? Flight there only had 7 people, flight home had 38 so all in all, there was quite a bit of social distancing going on.

6.  We went to the west coast for the weekend to see the baby. It’s time, been a long while (2 months) and the kids wanted to come last weekend for my birthday and we said no because there isn’t anything going on over here. Heck, our pool just opened but there are no chairs!

Ended up going to the drag strip as it was on Hubby’s bucket list and we really had a great time! Kind of took the sting out of all the bad stuff that’s been going on.

Hoping everyone has a wonderful, Happy Mother’s Day!

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Author: The Mark & Jan Show

Hi! We are Mark and Jan. Highschool Sweethearts living in Paradise and fast forwarding to our retirement days! We have 2 kids, both young adults now, a grandbaby that was born on 12/29/18 (3 weeks sooner than anticipated!) and we have 2 cats ... more than enough!

2 thoughts on “May Days”

  1. I’ve been wondering how you and Mark were doing. I’m so sorry to hear about your father. To not be there due to the virus had to have been tough. I’m praying that Mark’s cancer has not spread and you receive some good news.

    When you finally make it to Indiana, I’d like to grab a cup of coffee with you!

    1. Yes! I have you on the list of folks to reach out to when I get there! 🤗

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