2020 Here We Come!

Hi all … long time no see.

No Joke.


Things have been busy, and certainly have kept me occupied with other things besides this blog!

  1.  Mark started Keytruda … 3rd treatment will be on Tuesday. This is good in a few ways: 1 treatment (30 minute infusion) every 3 weeks as opposed to 4 to 6 hours every two weeks! Also, less side effects AND he certainly feels better. Bad news? Not sure how the cancer will respond.
  2. My dad has been a hot mess that I’ve had to deal with. Seriously, emotional, sobbing breakdowns with “am I doing the right thing?” … he’s been in and out of the hospital sooooo many times this past year (15 that I can count) and finally, I agreed to call in hospice AND relocate him to a long term care facility. The last part is only because he is not able to stand without TWO assistants.
  3. Work. Work has been overwhelmingly busy which is good on the bonus front (I get a bonus for each closing) AND I’ve picked up billing for one of the attorneys as a side gig along with doing the private loan documents for another attorney.
  4. Indiana house is DONE. Finished, except a few small punchlist items. I bought the kids tickets for 10 days and we all were together for Christmas there. It was very nice (no snow but hey, maybe next time!) … Mark has been there for about 2 1/2 months solid so when I broke the news to the bosses that I was going for 3 weeks, that was not well received. I stood my ground and said I missed him, I wanted to be with him AND this may be his last Christmas which is why I had all the kids flown in. I drove with the cats, straight through for 19 hours. Doable. Tedious, but doable. Coming home was somewhat better in that Mark came with me BUT it rained from Louisville to south of Atlanta. That was a long drive.
  5. Money stress when it shouldn’t be an issue. Just dumb decisions on my part. BUT the new year is here and I’m buckling down!

The last scan of Mark was late October. All tumors have shown an uptick:

Increase FDG uptake in the distal esophagus, gastroesophageal junction, and gastric cardia concerning for recurrent disease

Increase in size and FDG uptake of multiple lymph nodes in the abdomen most consistent with nodal metastases

New FDG uptake in the right adrenal gland suspicious for metastasis

That really sucks. And then we find out that his leg issues he’s been having was actually neuropathy from the current chemo and was stopped immediately. He went 6 weeks without any kind of treatment. Felt better, energy and brain fog wise, but the swallowing became an issue again. We were hounding MD Anderson for a treatment plan which finally they gave the Keytruda. So far, so good, minimal side effects although the past few days he has been very itchy, describing it as getting into insulation. I told him he needs to tell Dr. Oz tomorrow!

Ok … enough of that, in a nutshell, that’s my life! I’m hoping to get back to blogging again but really need to get my head clear 🙂

Hope everyone is doing well and you all are embracing 2020!


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