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I’m still here … Mark is in Indiana (since Labor Day) but flies home tonight! I’m very excited since I’ve not seen him since!

9-7-19 dinner cappellos shrimp scampi

I’ve been eating good foods while he has been away and I’m excited to share a few new things with him (and hopefully you too!) … we fly to MD Anderson on Thursday for scans and come back Saturday … then he’s home for a week before he heads back to finish the house.

I’ve bought all the kids round trip tickets to come for Christmas … hoping it’s a white Christmas for those who haven’t seen snow in ages. This has put a little pressure on Mark but hey, he can get it done.

Cabinets in 11/15. Appliances in 11/15. Flooring thereafter. Painting and trim, new doors going on now. New sliding door already installed. I’ve lost track of the budget and just let Mark take the lead. It’s his project 🙂 And, a gift to the rest of the family.

Mark is doing ok. He’s been getting his bi weekly treatments in Michigan City … although, he did skip out this past week as he’s sick and on antibiotics. Kind of stinks, but then again, this is the FIRST time he’s been sick since all this started January 2018. The treatment is kicking his ass and it’s getting harder each time to recover … that’s why the house project is good, motivational and has a reason to push forward every day!

Thank you for those of you who are sending me messages and well wishes. I appreciate your kind words and thoughts!

screened room selling point.jpg

Looking forward to spending some time in this awesome screened room … need to figure out a way to make it more 4 season friendly!

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