Let’s Party #53!

Hey Hey Hey, who’s ready to Party??!!

Old picture of Big Kitty but look at those ears, eyes and LION PAWS

I’ve been in a bit of a funk the past two days … I mean, it’s bad, sad and just not ME. The kids and Baby Nolan were here over the weekend which was GREAT (he’s walking!) but when they left on Sunday, I ran out to see my dad at the assisted living facility … he just came home a few weeks ago from what they suspect as congestive heart failure, for the LIFE OF ME, I don’t understand why it’s not a solid yes or not that he had heart failure??!! Anyway, I needed to go through his stuff as the home is moving him from his semi-private room to a shared room for the same fee per month … because he needs Level III care now. Ugh. So I was fine clearing stuff out, let him keep his 4 pairs of prescription glasses and 3 electric shavers (because, heck, that’s all he really owns!) and then he was asking me about Mark and I just started bawling 🙁 My dad doesn’t need that. And I’m so angry with myself for losing it but I do understand that it was just a stress related thing. I just haven’t been able to shake it since though, that’s the problem … I guess it’s because I don’t cry over all the crap that’s going on and that little trickle turned into a raging river.

I’m hoping you all have some GREAT stuff to share with me this week because I really need it! So go ahead, give me your VERY best that you have and give me a boost …

I seriously do want to say thank you to all of you that come to visit and share each week … I’m not feeling so festive right now but that will pass …

You know the rules: family friendly stuff, link directly to your post you are sharing and most importantly, go visit all the other party goers and leave a message!

Thanks for sharing!

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Hi! We are Mark and Jan. Highschool Sweethearts living in Paradise and fast forwarding to our retirement days! We have 2 kids, both young adults now, a grandbaby that was born on 12/29/18 (3 weeks sooner than anticipated!) and we have 2 cats ... more than enough!

5 thoughts on “Let’s Party #53!”

  1. So sorry about your Dad. I know how you feel about the bawling. But please don’t beat yourself up too much about it. The harder we try to cover things up, the more we suffer. I know it doesn’t help right now, and I don’t know what God you believe in or if you are or aren’t a church going person. But I was raised with the belief that we all see our loved again one day and in the mean time they are angels on our shoulders, so we are never truly left behind by them.

    My Mother was the only parent I ever had and we lost her when she was 56. Which was about 15 years ago. I still get teary to this day thinking about her, but there have been many many times I have felt her looking out for me….or smacking me! (ha ha) Just tell him all the things you want him to know….and let the tears show him how much you love him. He’ll get it 😉

  2. No blog to link, but I do come here and read your posts. Big hugs to you, its not easy being the strong one in the face of the storm. I hope things get at least a little easier for you ( or a lot easier, that would be great).

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