Let’s Party #47!


Well … I hope you all do not party too hard on New Year’s Eve (at this time while I set this up in advance, I plan to be sober at midnight … we’ll see!)

July 4 2017 Firework show Lauderdale By The Sea

Mark had another treatment last Tuesday. Pretty crappy 24 hours later for 2 days … totally feels like he has the flu and ended up taking a pain pill Saturday night for the major aches and pains to sleep.  We celebrated Nolans 1st birthday with 30 friends and family on Saturday. We were exhausted on Sunday but still had to clear out one more warehouse which is complete and closed out. Such an emotional thing to do … All that is left is the big warehouse which we call the “Garage/Indiana Warehouse” because that is basically what it is!

So. What are your goals for the new year? Are you looking for better health? Financial stability? How about relationship goals? Oh, so many things.  Me? All those in that particular order (ok, maybe relationship goals should come before financial, but money does help make things a little better) …

Ok, ok, let’s party, shall we?  You know the rules, even though sometimes I forget to share them to remind you: family friendly, link directly to your post that you are sharing, make sure to link back to me (thanks!) and share the love by visiting and commenting other party goers!

Let’s Mix and Mingle Friends!

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