Apple Snacks

Here’s a quick snack to make that will make everyone happy!

Oh NO! It’s Everything Pumpkin season!

It’s been that since like early September!

I have a few confessions to make …

  1.  I am NOT a fan of pumpkin anything
  2.  I hold out til almost Halloween before I will have my first pumpkin beer (which I will have my first one when we get to Halloween Horror Nights!)
  3. I have ONE pumpkin recipe and even that is not a favorite …

What do you make of THAT??

BUT … Fall also brings my favorite!


 And I LOVE apples!

Healthy Apple Snacks

So, honestly,  a good apple needs nothing more than a nice rinsing and a little polishing and you are good to go … but sometimes, you just want to make something a little more special!

This is super easy AND guess what? It keeps the cut apples from turning brown on top of it!

I love me some Honey Crisp apples … but dang, they are expensive! So I started doing this several years ago with Pink Ladies, Gala (and LATELY KORU) are a few other brands but NOT McIntosh or Red Delicious … those are just icky not matter what you do to them!

apples orange and lemon.JPG

This is a GREAT snack to offer up to the kids, teens, mini adults, family, friends, even strangers!  I have not been able to eat an apple any other way since trying this the first time!

Having a brunch (*or  just a bunch of people leftover from the previous night)? Serve up some apples! *This is a joke and flash back to the days where we had big parties and plenty of room for guest to stay if they decided not to make the drive home that evening!

slicing apples again

Need a healthy snack? Serve up some apples!

Seriously. These are so yummy … all the “kids” (who are in their early 20’s) and adults (my friends, 40s/50s) love these things!

Here’s what you need! OH, wait, I highly recommend you pick up one of these apple corer things … they are AWESOME and please, buy a decent quality one … I had one from the dollar store and the handle broke 2nd time using …

apple cutter

Grab yourself 3 or 4 apples. Wash them and given them a light polish. Just because. I find it satisfying …

grab a lemon, cut in half

grab an orange, cut in half

Slice the apples. And then slice them AGAIN so they are nice and thin

slicing again

Grab yourself something to juice the lemon and orange with … I have this really handy juicer that we LOVE … *seems all the heavy duty ones now have the lime insert in them too (I also have this and this but for a simple task like we are doing now, I use the hand squeezy thing)

lemon juicer.JPG

Go ahead and juice the lemon and orange!

lemons and orange.JPG1-3 cup juice.JPG

Pour the juice over the apples and give them a good mix to coat all the apple slices …

Cover the bowl and let chill in the fridge for an hour if you can. TIP: use a glass bowl, they will get nice and chilly in that!

Serve up and watch everyone as they eat … seriously, most folks are surprised at how refreshing this is … you anticipate a normal apple and SURPRISE! It’s something so much more!

seriously end of the day.JPG

Any hey, don’t be disappointed when you come back and all you see is one lonely slice left. Grab it and feel better!

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Looking forward to sharing with some of these GREAT Parties … go check them out! 

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