Let’s Party #38!

Hey! Are you ready for another Party??

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We partied over the weekend with a quick overnight trip to see Kid Rock. What an awesome show. Wheeler Walker, Jr. was the opener and we skipped him (no offense but I think he might have been too vulgar for our taste) and then there was Brantley Gilbert who we DID want to see .. and of course, Kid Rock.

I had picked these tickets up in February, shortly after Mark’s diagnosis. At that time, we weren’t sure what to expect for his future … I mean, heck, this is what Cancer.gov shows:

Percent Surviving  5 Years  19.2% (2008-2014)

Well, that just stinks and is flat out scary.

So I paid way more than I’ve ever spent on tickets … 4 tickets, 15th row from stage, center. GREAT SEATS and so glad I did it! Hubby wasn’t excited (he’s been feeling like crap) but as the day grew longer and evening was approaching, I could see his excitement coming out! Well worth it. Did I say that already?

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Anyway! You are here to Party!

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Let’s Party!


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