Let’s Party #32!

Hey! Are you ready for another Party??

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Did you all have a good Labor Day Weekend?? We rented a cute little Jeep and drove it across the alley on Saturday morning. When we left, there was a simple “wave” that had 20% chance of forming into anything more serious. Imagine our surprise on Monday morning to see Tropical Storm Warnings and Watches out!? Lots of rain on that drive home but we made it safely and here we are, another week in!

The temporary house had a few minor roof leaks, not surprisingly to us. As Jamie said, it rained pretty darn hard here so yeah, I’m sure a lot of folks found some roof leaks! On the chemo front, this is Marks week off and he’s looking forward to feeling good again for a little bit. Come Sunday morning, it’s time to start popping those pills again.

Did you see the BBQ Beef recipe I shared on Friday?? It’s delicious and I’m looking forward to making it again real soon! BUT FIRST, I need to get the refrigerator defrosted and try and get it serviced so it runs a little more efficient! 😉

Let’s get on with the party, shall we??

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Let’s Party!


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