Let’s Party #31!

Oh HI!  Are you ready for another Party??

Kitten and Tree Frog.jpg
Looks like the tree frog followed us from the other house

We went to MD Anderson the week before last for our follow up scan and testing. Just been out of sorts and really need to get ourselves back on track in our groove. They put Mark on Capecitabine, 2 weeks on and 1 week off. We head back on November 1st for follow up again, this time a PET Scan to get a real good idea of what’s going on … and an endoscope and ultrasound. Yippee.  Mark is fine, he’s just tired as heck and I believe a little depressed, bored, etc. Our temporary housing isn’t all that fun and we just can’t get comfortable here. It’s temporary and that’s all we need to remember.

I missed last week’s party … by the time we got back from Houston and tried to finish settling in here, I totally missed it! This past weekend was the FIRST time I actually spent any considerable time on the computer … but I’m BACK!!

Let’s get on with the party, shall we??

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Let’s Party!

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