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I’ve gone quiet …

Mostly because we don’t have WiFi or internet yet at the temporary home.

We sold the boat on Tuesday. That was a surprise!


We closed on the house Wednesday. That was sad.

We close on our new condo Friday. That’s sad as well. Not sad in the way the house sale was but sad, nonetheless.

We are staying at a friend’s home … fully furnished, large and right around the corner from the old house. Well, across the bridge and south. But still close by. It’s the total opposite of our old house but quite interesting.



The cats are handling being indoor cats fairly well. It helps that the current house has all kinds of nooks and crannies and lots of places to explore. They still favor the master suite since that’s where I had them cooped up for the first 12 hours they were here. I am gradually moving their food and water and litter box down to the other side of the house.

Mark was to have his bonus #11 treatment on Tuesday but the onocologist said no due to some of the side effects he is having. I’m kind of glad in that I know 10 is the normal max that people can handle. We head to MD Anderson next week for a scan and follow up. As always, thoughts and prayers are asked for and accepted!

Xfinity aka Comcast has really dropped the ball on us with the transfer of service. I stayed up til 1am with a rep online (using my cell phone as a hot spot) for her to finally tell me that she thinks we need a service technician to come out. No kidding. But of course, we are so stinking busy this week I can’t even coordinate a service call …

In other news … I missed the Party this week … don’t worry, we will be back up and running very soon so stick around!

Looking forward to sharing with some of these GREAT Parties … go check them out!


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