Let’s Party #29!

Hey! Are you ready for another Party??

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Mark had his 10th and what should be his FINAL Treatment last Tuesday … he convinced the local oncologist to sign him up for one more before we head back to MD Anderson but now says he may not do the 7 day pill regime, just the infusion. Those pills really, really mess him up and make him feel like crud. To the point where he wanted to just ditch taking them half way through the week. Not GOOD. BUT if he chooses not to take the bonus round of pills, that is his choice … I have a feeling Dr. B at MD KNEW that 10 would be the maximum to tolerate …

We are in FULL BLOWN MOVING mode. We close on our sale 8/8 and our purchase 8/10. Of course, we have some extensive work to do to the condo we are buying … I’m hoping to add about 500 more square feet … IN MY DREAMS! OMG I didn’t think we had this much stuff! Mark has been taking care of the garage and I get to take care of the inside … 4 bedrooms, 3 baths … 2 kitchens … LOTS OF STUFF. Staging furniture was moved out on Monday. Our movers come on Saturday. We have a temporary “home” for a few months, thanks to a wonderful open and generous heart of someone who is seriously the BEST and most kindest person in the whole wide world … we will have a FULL house (which is a custom built really retro home) that is fully furnished and functional for as long as we need it. Seriously, I can NOT wait to share pictures of this place … the person who offered this up to us is just wanting to give a good place for Mark to lay his head at night to deal and heal his body … does that just not give you the chills? Oh, and the cats? It’s ok, there’s been 17 cats and dogs in that house over the years, it will be just fine…

I will forever be in debt to this person in my heart even though they do not ask for anything in return. I don’t even have the words STILL to share how I feel.

Ok, ok, let’s get on with the party since I’m LATE today …

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Let’s Party!

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