Sausage & Potatoes – Quick & Easy Dinner

We are trying to clear out the three freezers as we are moving out on August 8th!

OH! Did I not mention we sold the house, finally?

Oven Roasted Sausage and Potatoes.jpg

And also are under contract to buy a condo August 10th? Yeah. A lot of stuff going on around here!

Oh, and yeah, we are still dealing with Mark’s treatments every other week too … wheee.

So … cleaning out the freezers (3 total!) shouldn’t be a big deal, right? I mean, I obviously bought that food for a reason at one time?

But here’s the real problem … I bought whatever at that particular time because it sounded good THEN … now … not so much!

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So off to Pinterest we go … are you following me there yet? If not, you should be because I go on Pinterest binges … I should dump the cable TV as Pinterest is much more entertaining at the end of the day!

Thankfully I found something quick to use on one of 4 packages of smoked sausage AND I had everything on hand already!

I know it’s hot outside, but crank up your oven to 400 degrees to get it nice and hot!

1 pkg of smoked sausage (should be 1 pound but some are 12 to 14 ounces now!), sliced in to somewhat thinner slices

1 onion, chopped

5 taters, peeled and chopped

Olive oil

generous amount of dried thyme, black pepper, paprika and salt

handful of grated cheese (optional and I did it with and without, both were good!)

NOTE: Don’t get all crazy on the black pepper. I ‘may’ have used a tad too much, we kept asking each other what was spicy?

seasoned and mixed up.jpg

Toss everything in a large bowl and mix well!

Line a large baking sheet with foil I use the good stuff so IF you are using the thinner, store brand stuff, you might want to use two layers.

Toss the mixture on the baking sheet and spread out to a thin layer.

Put the tray in the oven and set your timer for 45 minutes. BUT don’t get busy doing something else because you want to rotate the pan and give the sausage and taters a light toss every 15 or so minutes.

Honestly? After the first toss, I turned my oven to convection roast, rotated the pan and let it cook for another 15 or so minutes. It was PERFECT.

When ready to serve, if you ‘d like, you can add a little bit of shredded cheese. I did, the first time. I used mozzarella.

The second time (leftover) I skipped that and it was just as yummy!


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  1. This sausage and potatoes dinner looks and sounds so good. Thank your for sharing at This is How We Roll Link Party.

  2. i recently started eating sausage (i know, probably weird) and i’m loving recipes like this. perfect for freezer/fridge cleanouts!

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