Deconstruct a Watermelon

The fastest way to cut up a watermelon in to perfect cubes!

Are you all in high gear for summer?  It’s been crazy hot everywhere! Mark is up on NW Indiana and the heat index was around 106 degrees! Holy Cow, that’s hot for that area!

watermelon done.jpg

I’ve been buying watermelon fairly often lately as it’s a great thing to keep Mark hydrated on those treatment weeks. Sadly, he doesn’t tolerate cold foods really well for about 5 days so I need to time it just right. But come the weekend, he’s all over it!

As a kid, I loved nothing better than a wedge of watermelon and a dash of salt. We’d chew the sweet stuff right up to the rind and then toss the rind over our shoulder and move on to the next piece. My grandmother would come over with the flyswatter and we’d all be scrambling to gather up the rinds. Looking back on that, I wonder if she was going to swat our butts or flies? You just never knew so it was better to be safe than sorry!

watermelon clean.jpg

Cutting watermelon this way makes it super easy and fast to prepare AND you get some pretty decent chunks that are uniform in size. So yup, get your knife sharpened up before July 4th!

Start of with washing that melon. Yeah, you really need to do it!

Then, cut off each end:

watermelon cut 1watermelon cut2

and then lay the melon on one cut end and start cutting the rind away:

watermelon cutting

watermelon flip trim

Cut that melon in half

watermelon halves.jpg

Then slice it horizontally

watermelon slicing.jpg

And then cut in thick slices and then cut in to cubes. (yes, I did it backwards in these pics!) … and tada … you got some awesome cubes!

watermelon bag.jpg

So, we’ve frozen the stuff in the past and tossed in the Vitamix for smoothies and such but honestly, I’d rather just eat it now, while its fresh and in season!

Oh, a side note: the smell of fresh cut watermelon?? What does that remind you of??


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  1. Thank you for the instructions to cutting a watermelon in square pieces. It was very informative. I found you at Mix it Up Monday.

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