Let’s Party #24!

Hey! Are you ready for another Party??


I never share Big Kitty Kitty so here he is! Massive Kitty with massive paws and claws to go along …

Mark goes for his 8th treatment today … and it’s messed up. We got clearance for him to do the infusion and then he gets to take 6 pills a day for 7 days straight. That way he wouldn’t have to do the pump for an additional 48 hours. That allows him a little more freedom and the ability to travel. Perfect! Makes things seem much more doable, right?

WRONG! Apparently the PA forgot to call it in and request it. By the time the office knew (Monday morning) we found out at 7pm that the pre-approval with the insurance company has not even been sent in yet. So now, Mark flies out at 6:10am Wednesday morning as he booked the trip with the ‘safe’ assumption that all would be handled by the professionals.  Personally, I’d like to see the PA corrected a little bit as Mark had called her last week to remind her that he’s not heard from the pharmacy yet for the delivery … she was like “oh, let me check on that” … of course, she’s off on Mondays. Yes, I’m very upset as Mark only has 3 more treatments and now he’s not even going to receive the full treatment! Arg.

Ok, ok. I’m sorry … Let’s Party!!!

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Let’s Party!

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