Let’s Party #17!

Hey! Are you ready for another Party??

I had a quick trip to NW Indiana last Thursday and Friday to help Mark out with a couple of units … he wasn’t feeling all that great earlier in the week so I decided to just go help him out! I’m glad I did, but I must say, the weather was … different. COLD at night and beautiful looking during the day except that wind! 😉 I’ve become a thin blooded Floridian!

Egg Roll in a Bowl
Egg Roll in a Bowl

Mark had his 4th treatment today (Tuesday) and he’s all worked up. Those steriods really do their job! This week, he will take a pill on Friday to offset his worst feeling day. I guess it’s because he goes off the pump on Thursday afternoon and his body really starts to feel the effects of the chemo on Friday … he’s feeling the neuropathy and his skin is starting to break down around the port. Luckily he only has TWO more treatments and then we head to Houston for another scan to see how things are progressing and improving, hopefully!

Vineta over at the The Handyman’s Daughter caught my attention again with her post on how Build Recessed Bathroom Shelves … if she keeps this up, I might just go ahead and re-do my awful dusty rose bath!

Kit at The Kittchen shared her Lemon Parmesan Fettuccine … this caught my eye as the nutritionist had told Mark to try lemon seasoned foods when he is dealing with the metallic taste in his mouth (which has stayed with him now for the past 2 weeks) …

I’m am ready to get this party on the road again!

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Let’s Party!


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