Let’s Party #15

Hey! Are you ready for another Party??

We’ve been enjoying the pool and Mark even broke down and finally bought some chaise lounge chairs to put poolside. He’s coming around in his older years!

simpler wines rose case.jpg
I need to hit up Trader Joe’s soon and stock up on a case of these little canned wines before summertime hits … they were perfect for Saturday afternoon floats!

Mark had his 3rd treatment Tuesday and is currently hooked up to his IV for the next 2 days. Totally felt that cold sensitivity this afternoon … poor guy. I feel bad and he just doesn’t feel good this evening. Currently sleeping in the recliner as I type this up …

There were some great shares last week! My most favorite would be the 5 Mental Hacks to Have a Happier Life

Then there was the awesome Sunday Dinner Roundup … who needs a special Sunday to cook up some of that stuff? I’ve already pinned a few of the recipes she shared!

And then, with summertime coming up, many of you are probably counting the days with these April snowstorms, it’s time to Transform Your Deck and get them clean!

So let’s see what you have to share this week! I’m fairly easy going and will not tire you with rules, BUT please, make sure you share family friendly links and tips and while you are at it, go visit some of the other folks who are sharing here!

We all love comments so make sure you leave a comment when you go visit the others!

Thanks for sharing the love!

Let’s Party!

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