Let’s Party #13

Hey! Are you ready for another Party??

I’m late this week … sorry!

kirkland fully cooked bacon costco.jpg

Here’s an off the wall picture of the Kirkland Brand Fully Cooked Bacon … they must have finally paid off Hormel to get their own! $11.99 (if my memory serves me right) and so worth it since I’m the only one that seems to eat the stuff nowdays!

Mark had his 2nd round of chemo Tuesday with his continuing pump through Thursday afternoon. So far, he’s tolerated it rather well, a little queasy, a little tired, a little bit of that jolting/electrical charge in his mouth, throat, lips and hands when cold things make contact. That’s due to the Folfox I guess. All the things they told him to expect. I’m hoping that he tolerates Friday better than the last time!

Ok, that’s it for the Mark update!

We had some awesome shares last week! But because I’m LATE, I won’t be linking any of them but please, be sure to check out some of the great stuff that’s being put out there!

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Let’s Party!

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