Grocery Spending & Budgeting Week 2

I guess it helps the budget when you are really busy and just don’t have time to shop!

We listed some stuff up on Craigslist, Letgo and OfferUp … oh, and also Facebook Marketplace as we need to get rid of some furniture for the staging of the house … dang, that was really annoying.

Has anyone had good luck with these apps? I will say, OfferUp gave me more action but I think a lot of the people were bogus. And come on, if I’m asking $200 for something, don’t say you’ll take it for $50. It’s not like I want to make any money on this but I certainly didn’t want to give it away for FREE. If I did, I’d be donating it (which sadly, the pick up for any of those was 2 weeks out).

At the end of the day, we sold the dining room set, the guest bedroom set, Randi’s bedroom set, Randi’s desk and chair and what the kids coined “The Heidious Chair”

chair ottoman 50

I don’t care what they said, it was a very comfortable chair and some dude is probably chilling in it with a can of Bud Light right this very moment.

week2 2018 grocery-misc spending envelope

Back to the purpose of this post. We took the kids (Jamie and Amanda) to Sweet Tomatoes on Wednesday for one last dinner before she heads North to her new job. That was my $50 misc. money out the door. Then I hit up McDonalds on my way to work on Friday morning and that was $6 from my grocery money. Then Hubby and I ended up going to Ocean’s Grille Friday night as we were hot, sweaty and starving after moving the one bedroom set and chair. $65 there from my grocery money. Hmmm….that left somewhere around $24.

I kept asking Hubby if we could go to the storage unit to drop some boxes off AND stop at Aldi on the way back … sure … but we never got around to it.

So?  I didn’t go grocery shop at all this past week but still spent that money on food and convenience.

I am ahead again this week but don’t worry, I did make a quick run to Aldi on Sunday morning which was a good thing! Check back next week!

*We’ve got lots of stuff going on around the house this week so things are going to be a little sporadic and potentially way out of character for us … staging of the house, Mark needs to get a last minute testing procedure done (which is freaking me out just a tad) and then of course, work stuff for me!

Looking forward to sharing with some of these GREAT Parties … go check them out!



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