Dog Sitting

We took care of a puppy over the weekend.

dogsitting blue


Mind you, the cats hate us, even though it’s only a 9 pound Frenchie or whatever he is … all I know is his name is BLUE.

Blue is only 12 weeks old.  I’ve never had a PUPPY before. 53 and I’m babysitting a PUPPY!

The kids are angry. Only because I don’t invite and welcome their dogs (Randi and Matt) or friends (Amanda) with open arms.  They have big dogs. Dogs that terroize the cats. Not sure what Blue will do but the cats are bigger than he is so I’m not overly worried there.

Mark isn’t crazy either.

Well, now he is because BLUE is such a FUN puppy!

And Jamie and Amanda are having a blast with him as well. Amanda has a ‘few’ dogs and she’s got some tricks up her sleeve … including making Blue his very own customized toy!  I’m gonna be sharing that later because I think it’s totally worth sharing.

Friday night, Mark made a lead run for Blue so he could be outside with us while we were in the pool. Blue is small and I don’t think he understands docks, water, falling, etc. just yet so I didn’t want him to have free run of the yard. Imagine explaining THAT to his owner?

Kitten bolted out the door when the kids came home. Big Kitty hid under the bed. Blue slept all night in his crate til 7am. Better than any baby!

All in all, we had a pretty fun weekend dog sitting … not sure how soon we’ll be doing it again though as it was a LOT of hands on playing!

At the end of Sunday night, we were ready to get back into our normal routine and let the real parents take over …

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